Digg triggers false start on Firefox 3

A false Firefox 3 report on Digg has caused headaches for Mozilla and confusion for users.The trouble started early on Wednesday morning when a Digg posting claimed that the first beta version of Firefox 3.0.1 had been posted by developers.

Mozilla explained that there was no beta of Firefox available to the public, and that the Digg poster had instead linked to a release candidate…. read more on CyCap.Org

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Get Payed For Browsing The Internet: This time it’s Real!

Update: How funn!!! ALGOCO whent down read this post at Johns blog http://www.johnchow.com/agloco-joins-the-dead-pool/

Yep! you heard It Right! Now you have the Chance to earn money from the Internet. And No! you don’t have to pay a single penny. Continue reading “Get Payed For Browsing The Internet: This time it’s Real!”

Yahooooooo! We got PayPal in Sri Lanka!

Yes guys! Finally PayPal supports Sri Lanka. I don’t need to remind you how things sucked without it. But I was wondering why didn’t anyone Blogged about it yet? Didn’t you guys know? It’s been a week now. Am I the only one who needed it? I’m sure I’m not.  😆 -SeeJay

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Mineral-Oil-Computer – A little bit wet around here! (Pic)

Pic Of the Week will be featured every Saturday morning On
CyberCapital.Org. We are happy to publish a one cool tech related
picture every weekend. Not just to please the eyes of the readers but
also to give something to remember. You can send your Cool Pics to
editor@cybercapital.org If you wanna show them to us

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Cool Ethernet Crossover Adapter (with PIC)

Hate to remember those number patterns like “1, 2, 3, 6″ and “3, 6, 1, 2″ for making a crossover cable? If yes, This gadget is for you.The Ethernet Crossover Adapter which you can keep on your keyring can help you in those “immediate” situations.Just connect this directly to a standard network cable..

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