Are you sure that you aren’t missing any part of Firefox fun?

I’m sure that I’m having all the Fun with Firefox, But are you sure, that you are not missing anything? If your answer is “no”, then you gotta checkout these Bookmarking and Social Sharing Add-ons, If your answer is “Yes”, you still got to make sure you haven’t missed anything. And if any of those names are unfamiliar to you, believe me young grasshopper!, you have already missed enough, so grab it now!!! don’t miss any Firy fun anymore! -SeeJay

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84,000 Hits! My blog Rocks!

Blog stats! It’s always the coolest thing about blogging. Having a big number, I’m sure all ma fellow bloggers will agree with me, That blog hits for a blogger is like an ice cream for a kid! They both love to have more and more, and some more. I felt so glad to be a blogger, In early days, when I was having 10 or 15 (or very much less than that) Hits per day to my blog, I couldn’t be happier when I had 120 hits one day, But now my blog got way more than that, I still love to have more and more. Why are we bloggers love to have more hits to our blog? I don’t know about all, but I think many bloggers including me, feel that we are helpful to the others, It’s really nice when we can share our knowledge with another knowledge seeker, It’s the human nature, to feel special (happy) when you help someone with knowledge or opinions or… anything. I think that “happy feeling” is the gift from the nature to the man who is helpful to the others. And when people show him their grace by leaving a comment..nothing could be better.

This is the way I feel about my blogging life. I think many bloggers think the same way while some others may thinking in a complete different way. Who knows? may be you do. If you are a blogger, what do you think you are blogging for?


BIT@UOM and FIT@UOM and CEH and what else?

This is a comment I made on the post BIT@UOM at ma bud chanuX’s blog -SeeJay

Damn Underachiever they are all alike!!! CEH!!! Anyways, I saw you guys fighting For this BIT@UOM matter in ma best bud ChanuX’s blog, like it was for world peace! But I never bothered to Comment coz We geeks are normally too lazy for those non technical fuzz! Until I heard ya saying the word CEH.
I hope you know that to be a CEH you need to be registered in some places (don’t ask where) why? coz a CEH’s knowledge may be harmful to the rest of the Cyber world if used in an evil way. But what about those non certified black hat hackers? Does the rest of the world offer them a chance to register and become Grey hat hackers? NO! I got proof.
I was interested in that(you know what) field since I was tall enough to reach ma keyboard.I tried reading everything and anything i found related to it.Finaly I got a Damn great Present from a foreign friend of mine who was in sri lanka for some time.Let’s say I had a knowledge source for the CEH exam !.What else do I need! finished all! and here I am! with a little bit of knowledge about all those penetration tests,vulnerabilitys and exploits etc. etc…..
And one day, I was surprised to see Singapore Informatics Advertising for the 5 day Certified Ethical Hacker course which was labeled as 80,000/= I wanted to prove my self! as a knowledge seeker I wanted to face just the CEH exam! But I can’t spend 80,000 to learn something I already know!  How about paying just for the exam? I mean Exam fees, not for lectures?
 So I gave a call to Singapore Informatics and ask the sweet lady who answered the phone call whether I can face the CEH exam at their place without having “their” lectures. Know what they did? They refused at once!!! “NO! there can’t be anyone who got enough knowledge to face the CEH exam in sri lanka, If not learned from US” I wish I could show them how wrong they were! but how! They never faced ma challenge on passing the exam if they let me face it! May be I’m not good enough for the exam. Then I’ll fail, But I got a right to try!!!
 They took away ma chance to be helpful to the society with my knowledge! why? Just because They never think that anyone can “self study” anything, Just like these FIT@UOM guys who are blaming at the BIT@UOM  Ok just think about this! How about letting those BIT buys in and show them how FIT you Are? :p There’s no rule in the world that IT field is only for people who passed the Sri Lankan A/L or O/L exams.
So FIT people! Stop violating others Human rights and do your studies. Not every exam can be passed by reading your books all night and sitting all the day in tuition classes, Like the A/L exam in sri lanka! 😆
“Anyone got the right to learn, but no one got the right to stop anyone from learning”


Did you know these basic Firefox Tips?

You May know those BIG things But Did you know these?You can easily double the joy of using Firefox by knowing these essencial Firefox tips. Feel free to comment your Ff tips!-SeeJay

1. To quickly find any word in a web page type /word it will highlight the word and press Ctrl+G to “Find Again” that word again
2. If you wish to remove an item from your Address Bar Drop down menu,
Highlight it without clicking and use Shift+Delete.
3. Clear your Download history to make the download manager more
responsive : Tools | Options | Privacy
4. Type about:cache?device=disk in your address bar to view/save items
that you have in your firefox disk cache
5. Type about:cache?device=memory in your address bar to view/save items
that you have in your Firefox memory cache
6. Drag any link to the Download Manager Window to add & download the
7. If you accidentally delete a bookmark and want to recover it, open the
“Bookmarks Manager” and use Ctrl+Z,
or Edit | Undo.
8. Double Clicking empty space on the Tab Bar will open a ‘New Tab’
9. Holding down the Ctrl key when you right click
to “View Image” or “View Background Image” will open the image in a New
Tab or New Window.
10. A bookmarks Folder’s position can also be Dragged & Dropped but you must hold down
the SHIFT key while Dragging.
11. To prevent a website from replacing/changing your rightclick context
menu go to Tools > Options > Web Features then click the “advanced
tab” and de-select “remove or replace context menus”.
12. You can work offline in Firefox just go to File > Work Offline. This
means that you can browse your previously visited pages even when
you’re offline this is a really cool feature but not many people who use it.
13. You can bookmark the current page by dragging the icon from the
location bar to your Bookmarks folder. You can also drag it to the
desktop to make an icon for that page.
14. To stop animated gifs from moving, press the ESC key.

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Get a Shorter Url for your WordPress/Blogger blog

Anyone would like to have a shorter Url for their free or blog or the free web site. But non of these companies offer you a shorter Url than their Domain name right?. So do we have to stick with our long Url forever? I don’t think so!
Lets think that you got a blog at So the normal Url will be As we can see, the part makes the Url a bit longer than a normal professional looking Url. So we use a redirecting service to make the Url shorter.

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