Get Payed For Browsing The Internet: This time it’s Real!

Update: How funn!!! ALGOCO whent down read this post at Johns blog

Yep! you heard It Right! Now you have the Chance to earn money from the Internet. And No! you don’t have to pay a single penny. All you have to do is register as a AGLOCO member and brows the internet as you normally do! The more time you spend on the internet the more it pays you! And there’s More great news! It pays you when you refer other people to surf, and pays you again if those people refer other people…. down four levels.
Now I know what you are wondering. Is this real? Yes! How am I so sure? Simple! we don’t have to pay anything to join. If we don’t pay anything, there’s no reason for anyone to cheat us. AGLOCO is a member owned company. You become a member when you register and you can increase your share by browsing the net. The more you brows the net and the more people you refer your share become bigger and you get payed more. Also because AGLOCO is a member owned company you don’t have to be afraid of being cheated by a big company. After all why not give it a try? We got nothing to loose since the registration is free!!! Oh and don’t forget If you get too much money, try to reduce the time you spend on the internet that is the only thing you can do to stay without earning money from AGLOCO 😈
Click Here to SignUp for AGLOCO

13 thoughts on “Get Payed For Browsing The Internet: This time it’s Real!

  1. this is my blog it is in arabic language
    I translated ur site, images and also information from other blogs to arabic language
    The blog contain also all agloco news and updates
    I have done a lot of effort

  2. And why would they pay someone to just brows the net? i thought there is no thing as a free lunch!

  3. Basically this seems to be a trick to get spyware, malware and a virus installed on your PC.

    They will then use your PC as a zombie for junk mail and other illegal purposes.

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