Yahooooooo! We got PayPal in Sri Lanka!

Yes guys! Finally PayPal supports Sri Lanka. I don’t need to remind you how things sucked without it. But I was wondering why didn’t anyone Blogged about it yet? Didn’t you guys know? It’s been a week now. Am I the only one who needed it? I’m sure I’m not.  😆 -SeeJay

Here’s the email I got the news

When you signup for PayPal, you can start accepting credit card payments
instantly. As the world’s number one online payment service, PayPal is the
fastest way to open your doors to over 86 million member accounts
Best of all, it’s completely free to sign up!

89 thoughts on “Yahooooooo! We got PayPal in Sri Lanka!

  1. Mate, They opened up to Sri Lanka and 80 plus other countries for sending money via paypal, in April this year. Are you talking about the same thing?

    Or are they allowing us to collect money to PP in Sri Lanka, and redeem through local bank accounts?

    Pls send me their press release on this

    1. Hi ,
      My concern is is it possible for us to receive money to our paypal account in Sri lanka?

      Thats my issue bro

      1. I will tel you how to withdraw money from paypal to sri lanka. just add me on skype, bong.beengs


    Here we go. Sri Lanka is still in their “Send Money to Anyone in the Growing PayPal Network”

    So, we can’t accept payment through PayPal for collecting AdSense balance etc. All we can do is, use this as a payment method 😦

    You have to use a credit card to add funds to your PP account, and then send payments to others. It’s nothing different from using the credit card directly to pay online. 😦

  3. Oh no! It’s different coz now we can upgrade our flickr accounts via PayPal. With CC’s It can’t be done except you have an Amex one. Anyways Yes That News was new to me 😦
    Oh just because you reminded Adsense doesn’t pay via PayPal not even in USA.

  4. It is a good start. So far we were in total internet finance darkness. But I don’t think our banking system will allow full paypal operation in to Sri Lanka that easy.
    I remember the old Sinhala saying “Balla Piduru Kanneth Nehe – Kana Bonata Denneth Nehe”.
    But at least now we can send money outside without wasting time in banks and filling 1001 forms.

  5. But still it sucks. You cannt collect funds to the account. Do any one know anyeasy way of opening a us bank account?. if you know please let me know.

  6. Hey guys!
    Just because you are interested in the subject.
    A friend of mine told me that PayPal lets us receive money after verifying the account and to verify you must give a valid Credit Card information to PayPal.
    Can anyone confirm this? I don’t have a CC to confirm and entering dad’s CC info will definitely kick me off the

    1. Not really,
      Paypay validates your account using a valid CC.. (Specifically to validate the country and the identity) it’s the normal process anyway. until you validate, you can not send money..

      but we are still not allowed to Receive money through PP.

  7. Hi,

    I was so happy to hear that PayPal accepts Sri Lanka. I just given a try but we cannot withdraw funds since we are in SL, we can only send money 😦 I have an verified Paypal account from a freind in UK.
    If you guys can have a good friend in paypal accepting country, just ask him to open an account for you, that is what I did 🙂
    Bit risky though 🙂

  8. Thilak,
    can you explain it a bit more… I mean asking a friend to open an account for me and receiving money to a sri lankan account…
    Is it opened in his name and would he be taxed for the payments received….?
    Can I operate the account myself after he opes it and show a sri lankan account as the account to receive funds.?
    If it is possible does it have to be a foriegn currency account.?

  9. hi there,

    i noticed that you guys have been supported by Paypal finally. Congrats, you guys do know that you can only SEND, and not WITHDRAW right, unless you have a US bank account.

    its very simple to get a US bank account, you can apply for VMI Maestro Debit card, which is a online bank located at US, and supported by PAYPAL. You can google this out and check for verification. 😉

    Now that can only mean one thing: you get the card, and you can withdraw !

    Now, to get this card is quite simple. They are actually selling it on ebay/reseller/agent. the bank itself dont sell it themselves, as they risk competing with paypal debit card, (which is totally useless.)

    Many of the reseller/agents too have stopped/halting any transaction and doing it in secrecy, as you guy would know that paypal is “slapping” anyone selling that card by blocking their account.

    i got mine from a guy named foshwa . his email id is and he is from Malaysia. He is actually a reseller and is selling this card to all Asian countries.

    To buy from him would cost USD$35 plus cost of the card, plus registering(he will ask for it) and sending through priority email(FedEX). i got mine in 3 days in Singapore.

    the best thing about him is that he accepts a lot of banks, singapore, india, malaysia and even online payment processor such as paypal, e-gold and so on.

    He provides his company details, sends you an invoice, gives out his company address, and even his mobile+landline contact number.

    once the card arrives, you need to activate the card from the official website, then set the paypal withdrawal setting.

    Transfer the money to the VMI bank,and in3 days, you can withdraw straight from any local banks that carries Maestro/Cirrus logo.

    hope this helps. even i did it this way. He too teaches another method, for second option, which is opening e*trade brokerage account, but this takes 1 month to get.

    Another Internet Marketer Like You !

    for this help, visit my blog and comment, or buy me a beer..
    haha. i could help you guys too, any details email me at my blog or

  10. hi… can you get a Paypal debit card in Sri Lanka and use that in the ATMs there? How much does the bank charge to withdraw money this way?

  11. hey i wanna know.. how do u get the cash transferd to ya bank account… i got about 40000 buks in ma pay pal account

  12. I had a problem sending money today. The first payment I made, went through without a problem, but the second payment was blocked for some reason! It wasn’t even expensive! It was cheaper than the first one! Anyway, I kept on getting this message that says “this payment cannot be funded with a credit card at this moment”. Has anyone ever had this problem before? I am trying to pay my seller but I can’t! I really don’t want to be given negative feedback on eBay. Please help!

    1. I send $3k to my daughter w/o problem. After that I started to send $2k to my son, but noticed they were charging me ~$60. Then I realized that they had blocked my bank account transfers, I would have had to use the debit card from the same account. They advertise free send to family and friends only if you use the bank transfer, then if you use their stated feature, they block you for future use. That’s FRAUD.

      I kicked it up to a supervisor, then a manager. They are not allowed to fix it, are no longer allowed to get tech help with it, do not know that security algorithm that determines when a bank account is blocked, nor when, if ever, it will be unblocked! In other words there is no customer service when they choose to commit this fraud.

      I later sent email to make sure it would get to someone at a higher level or tech level, who could help, and that I had already spoken with people on the third level. That was a specific, plainly spoken request, but all I got was absurd and idiotic responses from their low level people.

      And THEN they have the gall to send me a link to give them a god rating on their service!!!

  13. Hey boys to receive money via pp to sl without following “parangiya kötté giya wagé” methods,just log on to Do mail me ways 2 make money online This is Yasas ACMA

  14. Do not use, My friends send money from USA through xoom , it take 25 days to get from Sri Lanka, it seems to they are keep transfered money in there account and make an interest on it, use western union instead of xoom, it’s fast and charges are same as xoom

  15. Can customers transfer money ONLINE with westernunion ? Ie like paypal ? If it so it may b a good thing

  16. hello, I really want to know if we can withdraw money from Paypal to a local bank account here in sri lanka or a HSBC CC.
    Please send me any information regarding this to

  17. Hi This is a great site ,I know this is not related to paypal but I have a one problem .Does anyone know how to transfer Google Adsense Check In Sri Lanka ?,What are the banks which transfer those checks?,How to transfer those checks? If anybody knows the answer
    Please send me any information regarding this to in this comment section or

  18. Hi, dont get so upset on paypal. It s not yet available here in SL. Xoom also discontinued its operations to SL. I think only 3 ways. One, western union two, AlertPay or three, just do textile business at pettah. Singhalese,tamils,muslims all earning lucrativ profits. They kno nothing about paypal or online money !

  19. More than an year has passed since you made the original post, paypal even let’s you upgrade your account from basic to premier or even to business – but still you cannot recieve payments.

  20. No sir. I hav already been in the BPO industry in my own, with another 2 partners, an indian & an american. So I can receiv my share in anyway, be it alertpay, or 2co or money bookers, fastcash, bank deposits etc.etc. But recently I was told by a senior officer at the money transferring division of Sampath bank Head office, that Paypal still not operating fully (ie no receiving) in SL. Is it false ? Pls explain. Thanks in advance.

  21. Yasas,
    Nope! Paypal still doesn’t provide full functionality in sri lanka 😦 I know that sucks but some how they think we aren’t worth supporting YET!

  22. Seejay,
    Even if pp fully supports in SL, I think s’lankans CAN’T compete in biz’s like BPO/KPO, bcoz our costs are VERY high. I’m goin 2 employ some UAE people for some new jobs. The required qualification 4 the job s ACCA/CIMA. I kno we hav a vast amount of CIMA people here. But beleiv me, people in UAE r CHEAPER than our ACCA’s and ACMA’s! Also can i use paypal 2 send salaries 2 UAE, which amounts to LKR 50000-100000/month ? Means sending at once, is it possible ? Pre-paid Thanks! Hav a nice day !

  23. well you still cant recive money from pay pal. belive me. i have 50$ cash stuck in my paypal account. which i cant get.

    paypal says the reason is our government doest take action for allowing paypal to recive money for sri lankans. so this is governments fault 😦

  24. Yasas, Yes, I don’t think sending 1000$ a month would be a problem… Please let us know if you experience any problems…
    Btw hope IT guys aren’t that cheap in UAE 😀 otherwise we won’t have any jobs left here 😛

  25. But CJ, banks in SL says that I cant even use my c’card (via PayPal) 2 pay the salaries, unless they r ONLINE MERCHANTS like E Bay. ICICI, Sampath & NDB says I cant pay them in any way. Or to meet Mr. Ajit Cabral at Central bank for an special permission. People who earn foreign xchange r always treated like this here, but, Sakwithi’s r treated like Kings! Sometimes I think 2 leav SL. India s a gr8 (really) gr8 destination for BPO’s & KPO’s. There r billioners in these industries still in their 20’s.

  26. If u want to buy online, then, use sampath webcard via paypal. It s not a big deal.
    I guess, open a/c with 2co and apply for payoneer card. Then, receiv fees from paypal to your 2co and withdraw it using the card. Easy and speedy way. But you may incur about 10-12% as commissions. Reply me after testing it. Bye

    1. Sampath bank’s web card is a prepaid visa card.. we can’t withdraw money with that type of cards.. only deposits.

  27. I registered at paypal in 2007. But didn’t verify my credit card.
    Should I have my cc verified to receive payments. I selected my coutry as Srilanka and gave the srilankan address. Is that a probs tooo

  28. Ok guys, it’s October 2009. So, does anyone know what the latest situation is on receiving money in Sri Lanka using PayPal????

    For instance, if you sell something on e-bay can you receive the money using pay pal??? I understand that this has not been possible, but do not know the latest situation.

    Can someone please update everyone on the situation???


  29. Yo guys, I’m a little confused here.
    How exactly do I buy stuff online from Sri Lanka with Paypal or a Sri Lankan Credit Card?
    I’ve asked around but people are really unhelpful, it sucks big time.

    Help would be appriciated. =)

  30. PayPal Sri Lanka is still send only , so you can only pay using it but you cant receive funds to it. You can write to them and what you will get is an automated message which does a good job of making it look personal.
    If you want to receive money from PP you can create a Indian account , connect that account to a valid CC and get the money debited to your CC. I’m personally doing this and I have got money to my card this was.

  31. I am doing some online money making and i have earned some US dollers. I want to get the money to srilanka. iI heard that the paypal is not sending money to Sri lanka. I have a paypal account opened to buy online from ebay. I have made some online payments via paypal.
    Now i want to know what are the alternatives to get money from my online money making websites from which i have earned some dollers.

  32. You are a very smart person! Did you write this yourself? If so do you have more of it somewhere?

  33. Maybe you could edit the page subject Yahooooooo! We got PayPal in Sri Lanka! SeeJay Online! to more catching for your content you write. I liked the the writing nevertheless.

  34. Three years since this post was written and still no “receive money” feature in PayPal for us! Let’s hope that we will get lucky next year.

  35. Guys. I have a better option to withdraw money to sri lanka. It is very practical and very easy. Use your paypal balance to purchase goods from ebay or any other trust web sites. Sell those goods in sri lanka. Ex:- camera. mobile phones. lap tops. You dont have to pay any charges or commissions. Instead of that you can make a profit by selling those item in sri lanka as their price in ebay is very low. Try this. I’m new to this internet an all thees things. so plz dnt mind if i’m talking rubbish.
    Mail me:

  36. @pubudu It’s been ages since I wrote this post. And I wasn’t lying, It was the time we got paypal support in Sri Lanka. but of course as stated in the comment thread, they only allow us to send money.

  37. Paypal is yet to enable receiving money to Sri Lanka. This because of our dumb government officials’ inaction. Many online or internet entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka have been deprived of internet business. Consequently, Sri Lanka loosing the opportunity to earn valuable foreign exchange.
    Now the peace has come to Sri Lanka, the possibility of money laundering or transferring money to terrorists have been diminished, the present government has to positively look into this Pay-pal money receiving issue so that many Sri Lankans could capture vast internet related business opportunities.

    We hope government will resolve this issue soon.

  38. Currently PayPal accounts in Sri Lanka are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds.

    why these idiots post false, damn

  39. Sri Lankan Government needs to dig into blinds spots of this economy, For Example Bringing Online Payment Services like Paypal to fully support Sri Lanka in Receiving and Withdrawing Money, Which will enable a number of job opportunities an
    d underpin SME’s to sell their products in the Cyberspace. We are currently working our way up to make it happen by petitioning The Sri Lankan Government, Central Bank of Ceylon and PayPal Pte. Please Sign off the Petition on the following link if you believe this needs to be done.

    ——– PayPalForSriLanka—————————

  40. I agree with Iroshan this is another source of income for Sri Lanka,I personally want to earn money through blogging and you can get a 3 figure earning easily,plus then Sri lankan sellers can sell stuff online its a new market that is ripe for the taking.I see it as a source of extra revenue,hopefully the government sees that and changes soon.

    join the petition guys

  41. I will let you know how to withdraw money to sri lanka from paypal. just add me on skype, bong.beengs

    1. Buy Lanka, what a cheep person you are. we are discussing something very important here and you are posting irrelevant posts to promote your site. Shame on you.

  42. Hello friends,
    I have used paypal for get payment from doing online jobs. After Google all over the web couldn’t find a way to withdraw my money.
    I have found a reliable source to withdraw my money few days back via my old friend.
    When I have transfer my money to given paypal address, he had added it to my given BOC bank account within 4 days.
    I have sent a mail asking fees for this. He send me something like this.

    He says he has UK bank account and to transfer from it to sri Lanka, for that he has to pay transaction fees like
    IF amount <50 — fees is 9% from amount.
    IF amount 50-100 — fees is 8% from amount.
    IF amount 100-200 n fees is 7% from amount.
    IF amount more than 200 upto 500 – fees is 6% from amount.

    Amount to handling fees $3.25 about Rs. 400(This is the fee taken from him to go to our bank and deposit our amount.

    It is better to transfer money Monday then we can get money before Friday.(Because all things are fast in business days only)
    If you need details you can get it from

    All my friends doing online jobs gets this guys helps. We all not get any prob still. I hope not until paypal approve to sri Lanka.

    Even this is little bit cost, I use this because skrill also getting some hidden fees from few days. My last withdrawals are missing $20 to $30 dollers.

    Good Luck for all!

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  49. lol its 2016 :D, i was able to read all the comments, suggestions, alternatives from 2007′ June. but it looks still the problem with you too guys! I am using NeoBux to earn money recently. I’am using Sri Lankan Paypal account to buy stuff from eBay. its easy to transfer money from NeoBux to Sri Lankan Paypal account. my questions,
    1) has anyone withdraw your Paypal balance to your HNB bank account or any-other?
    2) Can we use Papal balance to buy things from eBay ? ( i have not tried yet)

  50. viking…..! could you pls tell me the way of transferring money neobux to sri lankan account through paypaal?

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