Firefox eBay Edition : Is Mozilla sold out?

Providing branded versions of Firefox is not so new, Google already offers its own Firefox download with pre-installed Google tool bar. But now Mozilla itself launched the new Firefox eBay edition. Which is a more focused version of Firefox for eBay customers. And there’s also an Add-on for existing Firefox users. This Edition is supposed to work with the eBay sites in UK, France, Germany. And The new Edition includes the following functions

* Integrated search
* An eBay sidebar which will provide instant access to real-time updates on items users have bid on, are selling or watching
* Support for eBay’s Account Guard
* Status alerts

Many people seems to be complaining that Mozilla is sold out. But as long as the user has the choice of whether or not to use the eBay edition, We don’t see this as any sort of sellout. But Mozilla must be careful when taking new steps like that as it highly depends on its “Fans” -SeeJay

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