Monday morning: Fighting Stronger

I’m at the start of a full work week and managed to get a decent amount of work done during the morning… Since my work schedules are fully flexible (Love you Scrapinghub!), I tend to work more during the latter part of the day, leaving me with not much time to unwind after work. (But of course, due to my work hours being spread across the day like this, I have many little chunks of free time at my disposal during the day. This has helped me stay without getting too stressed and I think 9-5 work hours are so 1980s.)

I also have my biweekly meeting with Ken in a bit for catching up on work (and life, and all things in between)

Anyways, my plan is to get more work done during the earlier part of the day. So far today is good. This is just a 5 minute quick update so I apologize if it feels all over the place 🙂

I’ve been listening to “Waiting for My Moment” by Donald Glover (From the movie “Creed”) on repeat with some pink noise on the background while coding and absolutely love this track. =)

In other news, there are only 26 days until the Sri Lankan presidential election. I don’t think there was any other election in history that Sri Lankans were this much excited to vote against the ruling party than this one…

That says a lot about this failure of a government, doesn’t it?

Until next time…

Gotabaya – Return of the Jedi

Update: This guy shat the bed. :-/

If you’ve seen me on Facebook, you’d know how I am bombarding my friends with posts on the upcoming presidential election in Sri Lanka.

If you haven’t decided to vote Gotabaya yet, you probably will once you read the following piece published back in 2010 in The Manila Times print edition. Be sure to watch the video of the BBC interview once you finish the article.

Also Did you know that Gotabaya used to be a Unix/Solaris Administrator back in the U.S.? How amazing is that? =) Ok, enough listening to me. Go on read The Manila Times article and be sure to vote early in the morning on 16th of November. ~SeeJay

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Palácio Estoril : Meeting my team at the James Bond Hotel

Lisbon won “Europe’s Leading City Destination 2018” award and guess where Scrapinghub decided to hold our next meetup?

Yes, You guessed it right, We met again in Lisbon, Portugal back in November 2018 at the Scrapinghub annual get together. And we all spent about a week in one of the coolest hotels in Europe, Hotel Palácio Estoril!!! (Take that, Mr. Bond!)

The very same hotel where Ian Fleming found his inspiration for the plot of his first novel Casino Royale. The Hotel Palácio was also James Bond’s hotel in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

So I prepared for days as usual… trying to find that balance between bringing enough stuff to cover a trip which is supposed to take about a week…

…and failed miserably and ended up packing a luggage full of cloths.

My travel companions.

As usual I was driven to the airport by my little sister. My parents were there as well.

I jumped on an airplane as one should, and landed in Dubai…

…where I had to run across the airport to catch another airplane that flew me to Lisbon, Portugal.

No matter how busy I was trying to not miss my next flight, I did not forget to take the occasional selfie…

Priorities, people!

So I landed in Lisbon and the guy who was driving me to the hotel said there’s another Scrapinghubber coming at the same time… Turns out he had thought my five part name as two different people! 😐
(Yes, I have 5 names in my passport… Yes I know! “The Names Bond, James Bond.” Not going to be me.)

Can’t believe I ruined this shot! I thought my Nokia X6 (Nokia 6.1 Plus) Would be capable of handling the low light situation there, I was clearly wrong! 😐

Next morning I went to the four seasons restaurant at the hotel and joined Pablo, Daniel, Agustin and Alexander for breakfast.

Messenger app only working on WiFi?

I’m a huge fan of the Telegram Messenger. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s nothing short of amazing. I have it installed in almost every device I use. I kept trying to get Randy and Chanux to switch to using it and even managed to finally get Chanux to set it up on his android but I don’t see him using it much. Randy kept disappointing me as he usually does these days and simply refused to try it (he also refused to watch Star Wars, so yes, my dear Internet, I think we can safely give up on the guy now).


Anyways I didn’t really write this blog post only to talk about Randy and his awful tastes. About a week ago I noticed that Telegram stopped working in the background while on mobile data and only started working while I’m connected to WiFi. This was really annoying because more than a couple of times I missed all my messages while on the road only to realize that Telegram was offline during my travels. When I get back on WiFi Telegram would notify me about all the messages that I didn’t receive during the day.

This obviously looked like a problem with my data settings that would restrict Telegram from using any mobile data and to my surprise it was all set to normal. Then I thought it was a restriction from the Power saving mode in android and that was also not the case.

A quick search on google led me to a bunch of forums that showed this is not just a problem with Telegram but also happens to be a problem common to a lot of apps that uses background data. And none of them seem to have solved the issue.

I kept looking through the threads and found one suggestion that finally worked for me. It was to reset all app preferences in android. This looked crazy at first but after trying everything I gave up and just did it, and guess what! Telegram now works well on mobile broadband.

So if your messenger app is not working and nothing else works you can do the following:

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Applications manager

Select Reset app preferences from the “MORE” menu and you’re done.


Be warned though. This would reset the preferences for all the apps in your android phone. So only do this if nothing else works for you.

This trick should also fix apps like Slack, Snapchat, Viber or any other app not working on mobile data.


Will this help???

OK! I’m not a blogger! seejay is not a blogger!! not anymore!!! :-S I can’t believe I didn’t blog from such a long time. And I can’t think of any excuses other than plain laziness. It’s not unfair to say my higher education is keeping me busy to some extend but I must admit I could’ve spend “some” time to blog. But apparently i haven’t spend anytime at all 😛 . Is it because I don’t find blogging as interesting as the early days coz of all those microblogging platforms such as twitter? Or is it because I personally find the blogger ui NOT as cool or fun to use as the WordPress interface which i’ve been using in the past couple of months??? I dunno. But if latter is the case, this is gonna fix it…
Some of you might remember the “Performancing” extension for Firefox right? For those who were wondering what the heack i am talking, it “was” a cool Firefox addon which you can use to post to your blog. Once installed it gives a nice ttext editor like interface within the Firefox window which you can post to your blog with just a click of a button. It really helped me to improve my blog posting “frequency” by cutting the time used to log in to the site every time i post.
But Performancing is no more, Now they have changed the name(and improved the features of course..) to “ScribeFire“. Well, to be honest, this is old news, its been months if not ages since they’ve made the change. I had ScribeFire installed all the time and I used it to keep notes and stuff… Few minuits ago I came up with the idea of setting up scribefire to post to and thats exactly what i did. Hope this will help me getting back my old blogger spirit…. This is the first post I’m posting with ScribeFire and will keep my fingers crossed to make me like this “not so new” way and become a real blogger again…

Firefox eBay Edition : Is Mozilla sold out?

Providing branded versions of Firefox is not so new, Google already offers its own Firefox download with pre-installed Google tool bar. But now Mozilla itself launched the new Firefox eBay edition. Which is a more focused version of Firefox for eBay customers. And there’s also an Add-on for existing Firefox users. This Edition is supposed to work with the eBay sites in UK, France, Germany. And The new Edition includes the following functions

* Integrated search
* An eBay sidebar which will provide instant access to real-time updates on items users have bid on, are selling or watching
* Support for eBay’s Account Guard
* Status alerts

Many people seems to be complaining that Mozilla is sold out. But as long as the user has the choice of whether or not to use the eBay edition, We don’t see this as any sort of sellout. But Mozilla must be careful when taking new steps like that as it highly depends on its “Fans” -SeeJay