fixes three vulnerabilities

Linux kernel, fixes three vulnerabilities. A null pointer dereference in netfilter can cause the kernel to crash when processing certain connections. This bug can be triggered remotely. In addition, as a result of a bug in the
cpuset_tasks_read function, users logged onto the system can read part of the kernel memory. This may allow an attacker to access protected information. Finally the kernel also harbors a bug which affects the way seeds for generating random numbers are generated where the system has no entropy source. This may result in applications which rely on random number generators being less secure. -SeeJay

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One thought on “ fixes three vulnerabilities

  1. Oh! so that was what the recent Kubuntu kernel update was all about 🙂 For anyone reading this post and thinks you need to upgrade to don’t worry!.. Chances are that this bug fix has already been back ported the older kernels so doing an apt-get update/upgrade, yum update or what ever should fix this for you.
    If you compiled your kernel from scratch then you’d probably wanna upgrade to this exact version

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