The User Interface Features of Firefox 3

Remember the cool features which Firefox 2 gave us? Like Spell Checking and Session Restore? Firefox 3 is going to have some more “Rocking” features. Here’s some of the coolest features.
Places: Bookmarking Tagging and History
New infrastructure for storing bookmarks, history, and other information about Web pages

Tag Pages

Saved Searches in Smart Folders

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6 thoughts on “The User Interface Features of Firefox 3

  1. I can see where Deane is coming from – the feature bloat etc. But book mark management can be quite a hassle – specially when you want to look up sites by what they are about later on. Making it easier is always a plus

  2. Hmm.. I’m using Firefox 3 (Grand Paradiso) alpha 5 and it’s only a tad bit different from 2.0. I can’t use any cool themes with this.

    Hey cerno, since you’re the ff experto, do u know if there’s any extension that could replicate Opera’s password manager feature?

  3. Hey Justy! Buddy! Just because you asked me,
    I installed Opera to find that it’s password manager isn’t that great,
    There’s no doubt you can get more from Firefox If you install an add-on like AiRoboform / Password Hasher (Google for them)
    Personally I’m satisfied with Firefox’s Default password manager (maybe I’m lazy to install add-ons), But I’m sure those add-ons will make things lot easier.
    Anyways, Thanks a lot for sharing your views on the iPhone I’ll definitely make some articles on iPhone killers (even before it’s born) 😀

  4. Thanks kolla. I’ll try out those addons.

    Pretty much the only problem I have with firefox is that it refuses to remember passwords for secure sites. That means I have to punch in my whole credit card number when I sign into ANZ.

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