Geek with Style : Create awesome keyword posters

Montage-a-Google from digital designer Grant Robinson is a cool web-based tool that uses Google’s image
search to generate a large gridded montage of images. Image selection is based on the key words entered by the user. I’m really enjoying by using it to random browse the web. Although the pictures taken by “Print screening” the page confuses the users eyes as a wall paper, nothing matches them as cool posters for your room which will drive your friends crazy. CLICK HERE! to try this out.-SeeJay

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Pic of the Week :Geekier Desk Top (PICTURE)

Hope you will enjoy this Picture

Pic Of the Week will be featured every Saturday morning On
CyberCapital.Org. We are happy to publish a one cool tech related
picture every weekend. Not just to please the eyes of the readers but
also to give something to remember. You can send your Cool Pics to If you wanna show them to us!-SeeJay

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Friday night Gadget : Swiss Beat MP3

Friday night gadget By SeeJay Will be featured every Friday evening on CyberCapital.Org. As this is our very first episode in the very first week, I’ll give you a short intro to the scene
Friday night gadget will simply introduce you a new gadget every week, Our aim is to stick together with more cheaper gadgets which won’t cost much to the readers to buy. We are not leading you to any online markets to buy the stuff, as we think that our readers are clever enough to Google for a place to buy them-SeeJay

Swiss Beat MP3: A music player with serious multi-tasking skills read more

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Happy B’Day Buddy!

    I have done it again I forgot Ma mango Bud ChanuX’s birthday 😦 Yes I’m really careless to do so! I’m ashamed to tell you guys how chanuX with aza & randy planned my birthday party! I didn’t even remember ma own b’day when they were planning to celebreate it. And you knw what? I forgot all three birth days of ma best buds 😦 chanuX’s was the third 😦 Now I’m starting to beleve that ma parents are right, I’m not becoming a Geek I’m already a stupid Geek!!! Damn it i didn’t even remembered it until i saw it on ChanuX’s blog!!! I feel really upset about it. I really do!
    ChanuX Buddy! I’m really sorry I forgot your Birth day! Please don’t forgive me!!! kill me!!! I diserve it!!!

Top 10 Firefox Chrome URL Tricks

Hi Guys(and gals)  
Firefox’s user interface is written using XUL and JavaScript. So you can put the chrome URL in to the address bar and open various tools/ester eggs. Today CC.Org’s going to list the coolest Firefox Chrome URLs. Feel Free to try them if you are using Firefox. Sorry IE fans! you’ll have to find Firefox for this. Read more

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