Happy B’Day Buddy!

    I have done it again I forgot Ma mango Bud ChanuX’s birthday 😦 Yes I’m really careless to do so! I’m ashamed to tell you guys how chanuX with aza & randy planned my birthday party! I didn’t even remember ma own b’day when they were planning to celebreate it. And you knw what? I forgot all three birth days of ma best buds 😦 chanuX’s was the third 😦 Now I’m starting to beleve that ma parents are right, I’m not becoming a Geek I’m already a stupid Geek!!! Damn it i didn’t even remembered it until i saw it on ChanuX’s blog!!! I feel really upset about it. I really do!
    ChanuX Buddy! I’m really sorry I forgot your Birth day! Please don’t forgive me!!! kill me!!! I diserve it!!!

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