Forbidden side of a web site-See what web sites hide from you

It seems my previous trick (or hack) on Firefox has become a bit famous.isn’t it? Anyways! Here is another hack (man! am I becoming a life hacker or what! 🙄 ) this is a really curious thing to check out.
We all know what search engines do right? yes Search! baby search! they search every where for everything. And what do web site owners do? The do various SEO (search engine optimization) stuff to make the things easy for the search engines so the SE’s will search the directories inside the web sites easily and bring more traffic to the site!. Hm… Ok C.J.! enough of the technical stuff,why are you telling us all this? This is why…
Do you know that there are some directories in web sites that they don’t want the general public to know about? Well, there are! Then what do the site owners do to hide them from us? They bribe the search engines 😀 Hm…
well what they do is put a text file including the directory names, that should be excluded when searching. So the search engines read that file first and exclude their content in the search results page……
But you know that us geeks can’t stay out of trouble right? Yes! there’s a way you can see what are the hidden directories are! All you got to do is put /robots.txt after the domain name and see what the site owners don’t want you to see 😈
How about checking out what Mr.Bill Gates got to hide from us? 😀 Here you go
And what about larry and sergei? yeh!

And guys(and gals) you better not to use this with or else Our good old buddy Matt will kick me out of WP 😯 .Well,he is a very open guy and may not have anything to hide 😀 But why take the risk 😆
Disclaimer : This is highly for educational purposes and I have no responsibility for any trouble you get involved with this.

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22 thoughts on “Forbidden side of a web site-See what web sites hide from you

  1. i have a question on firefox

    i like to use the bookmark toolbar. how can i have more than one toolbar? b/c my first toolbar is now filled.

    thank you sir.

  2. hi just wondered.

    Have you tried opera and what do you think?

    I have ie, firefox and opera installed. Use all three. If something works with opera I prefer to use opera. The only thing I hate about opera is the bookmarking tool.

  3. I’ve used all three. i do not like IE because i do not have the tabbed browser feature. I shifted to firefox about an year ago, and have not checked on opera… cannot remember seeing much of difference between Opera and Firefox, but i found firefox aesthetically appealing 🙂
    (plus, a friend who has more than a dozen addon says you do not get them in opera…)

    Now, i shall visit some of my favourite sites and check the /robot.txt file!

  4. Yes agni, you are right, firefox has more addons.

    if, the sites comply with standards. Opera works much better than the other two. Unfortunately, this is rare.

  5. yeah that’s cool.
    the /robots.txt i so search engines basically can’t ‘see’ those directories.

    it’s not nothing new?
    but keep up the good work.


  6. The use of robots.txt isn’t the only way to hide a file from search engines. Another way is to use the robots meta-tag in either the file you want to hide or any files which link to it.

    If used in a file you want to hide, the meta tag should look like one of the following (I’ve left out a ”

    meta name=”robots” content=”follow,noindex”>

    The first meta tag above is for a hidden file which links to files that are also hidden. The second is for a hidden file which links to files that are not hidden.

    If used in a file which isn’t hidden, but which links to hidden files, the appropriate meta tag looks like this (again I’ve left out the ”

    The “robots” meta-tag would be harder to hack than a “robots.txt” file, it seems to me. However, I’m not sure that all search engine robots honor the meta tags.

  7. hey do you know how to get into Forbidden sites?
    I’ve been trying but the 403 error is Evil and i can’t access i don’t know why?

    I’ve been able to use it before but it somehow got forbidden can you please help me gain access to the site

  8. I tried to that /robots.txt on the website but it still wouldn’t let me in. Plz help! the website is

  9. the ( in our country is forbidden because the government want that … please can you help me to open it with any program or website

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