ChanuX in myspace?

Hey! I found something interesting while I was browsing my own hard drive.But you gotta promise me that you won’t tell ma buddy chanuX about this 😀 It was a webpage saved by my friend chanuX. Then How on earth is it in your hard drive? you might ask,this is how:
There’s an event in our(me,chanuX,asa,randy) lives these days. We call it “The Synchronization Day!” Yes! Just as you think Its an Ordinary Lan Party Organized by a bunch of Techno freaks (as chanuX calls it) We get together at Aza’s place and share Everything among four of us, from prated games,films,new visuals to ebooks and important web pages saved by each other. The Previous “Synchronization day” was held at Aza’s place last Wednesday 4th April And I got Lots of cool stuff from ma buddys.And thats how chanuX’s web pages came in to ma HDD.
Ok thats enough! What I foung was a web page(you guys already know dat right?) It was a myspace homepage, you already know who the owner is right? Yes ChanuX! At last He reveals some private info about himself to the world.So here is the my space address of chanuX Its really nice to see his building blocks 😀 like cups of IT another cup of WWW ect. ect….. Ok you guys and definately gals 😉 can go there and see for your selves about this gr8 friend of mine

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