Day B4 SF day 2006

So Chanux and I came to the road with Randy and got ourselves in to the bus at about 4.30AM hoping Randy and Asanka will come to Colombo tomorrow to celebrate SF Day. It was about 9.30 AM when we get down at Majestic City. We were expecting LKLUGers all over the place. But not even a single Linux guy was present. We saw the EPSI guys(EPSI computers) arranging their self promoting campaign instead of promoting free software. Chanux SMSed BUD to find out what’s going on. BUD was busy coz he was lecturing at APPIT (an IT school) so he sent the phone number of Narada Center to call Ven.Meththavihari thero. We tried that number and found that no one was there to answer the phone. So we walked here and there in MC and kicking our heels until we call the Linux center which was the next number given by bud. when we were on our way to Linux center Bud called us and asked us to come back to MC as he was there. So we came back to MC and were introduced to the EPSI guys as LKLUGers by BUD. And after that introduction we were free to use all those “cute” Asus laptops and other powerful Asus hardware to install configure Linux or even play Awesome 3D games. At about 3 PM Ven.Meththa came to MC. Ven Meththa was very nice to us and he was there until 5.30PM and went to TLC (the Linux centre) we stayed at MC until 7.00 and spent our time to give those invitations to the guys and gals to come to the SF day events which is going to happen next day.
We met BUD at 7.00 and he He happily Spent money for our dinner at KFC.Thanks a lot BUD! There after three of us went to the Linux center at Nugegoda. There were 5 of us at that time in TLC including Ven. Meththa and a guy called Ruwan. We did lot of work to finish completing the of Ubuntu Kubuntu and Xubuntu CD’s wich were given free to the ppl next day. BUD left TLC at 1.30 AM and all others crashed at the TLC Hoping to have a Nice day of FREEDOM.


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