Arogya Parama Laba!(Helth is the precious gain)

OK OK OK! sorry for the delay. i really mean that. I had a damn problem with ma left arm so no typing at all.Oh man, You should loose the control of a body part of yours to find out how useful that part was. 🙂 It all happened on Sunday, the day we came back home from was about 1 PM when i get into, for ppl who donn’o) had ma lunch and straight in to ma bed……
It was about 6.00 PM when i get up. Suddenly i realized that ma left hand is cramped. I spend the night and next morning hoping ma hand will be fine but no good news. So our family Doctor was ma only hope.Doc figured out the problem and told me “don’t worry it’s just because your arm needs some rest” 🙂 .I wish that was Doc’s last word for that session.Unfortunately it wasn’t. err… i couldn’t believe ma ears when the Doc told me “You’ll have to halt for a week” So here i am typing ma blog after that long week. ma left arm works fine now although not in maximum performance .I spent the whole week by using all input HW from ma right that Sucks!.OK enough giving excuses. See ma next post which i’ll post within couple of hours after posting this to get an idea about the SF day in the island.


Author: SeeJay


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