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BIT@UOM and FIT@UOM and CEH and what else?

BIT@UOM and FIT@UOM and CEH and what else? published on No Comments on BIT@UOM and FIT@UOM and CEH and what else?

This is a comment I made on the post BIT@UOM at ma bud chanuX’s blog -SeeJay

Damn Underachiever they are all alike!!! CEH!!! Anyways, I saw you guys fighting For this BIT@UOM matter in ma best bud ChanuX’s blog, like it was for world peace! But I never bothered to Comment coz We geeks are normally too lazy for those non technical fuzz! Until I heard ya saying the word CEH.
I hope you know that to be a CEH you need to be registered in some places (don’t ask where) why? coz a CEH’s knowledge may be harmful to the rest of the Cyber world if used in an evil way. But what about those non certified black hat hackers? Does the rest of the world offer them a chance to register and become Grey hat hackers? NO! I got proof.
I was interested in that(you know what) field since I was tall enough to reach ma keyboard.I tried reading everything and anything i found related to it.Finaly I got a Damn great Present from a foreign friend of mine who was in sri lanka for some time.Let’s say I had a knowledge source for the CEH exam !.What else do I need! finished all! and here I am! with a little bit of knowledge about all those penetration tests,vulnerabilitys and exploits etc. etc…..
And one day, I was surprised to see Singapore Informatics Advertising for the 5 day Certified Ethical Hacker course which was labeled as 80,000/= I wanted to prove my self! as a knowledge seeker I wanted to face just the CEH exam! But I can’t spend 80,000 to learn something I already know! How about paying just for the exam? I mean Exam fees, not for lectures?
So I gave a call to Singapore Informatics and ask the sweet lady who answered the phone call whether I can face the CEH exam at their place without having “their” lectures. Know what they did? They refused at once!!! “NO! there can’t be anyone who got enough knowledge to face the CEH exam in sri lanka, If not learned from US” I wish I could show them how wrong they were! but how! They never faced ma challenge on passing the exam if they let me face it! May be I’m not good enough for the exam. Then I’ll fail, But I got a right to try!!!
They took away ma chance to be helpful to the society with my knowledge! why? Just because They never think that anyone can “self study” anything, Just like these FIT@UOM guys who are blaming at the BIT@UOM Ok just think about this! How about letting those BIT buys in and show them how FIT you Are? :p There’s no rule in the world that IT field is only for people who passed the Sri Lankan A/L or O/L exams.
So FIT people! Stop violating others Human rights and do your studies. Not every exam can be passed by reading your books all night and sitting all the day in tuition classes, Like the A/L exam in sri lanka! 😆
“Everyone got the right to learn, but no one got the right to stop anyone from learning”


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