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Firefox Logo on my front gate!

Firefox Logo on my front gate! published on 1 Comment on Firefox Logo on my front gate!

Hey! this crazy idea came to my mind while I was having an evening walk with Firy (Firefox’s pet name).Hm…. yeh!yeh!! yeh!!! I know what you are going to say. How can you have a walk with Firefox? right? Well, Its true that firy can’t walk in the road or in the beach. But there is a fantastic place where you can take firy (firefox) to a walk. Yes! the World Wide Web (WWW) 😀 Is there any better places to go with the most romantic browser of all? Anyways this isn’t what I’m going to tell you.
So this is the idea which came to my mind. My dads going to have a new front gate to our garden and he is planning to have a Design (maybe the symbol of our family 😀 ) on it. And you have already guessed what I am planning to have as the Symbol right? yes, what else? Firefox logo 😀 Wow! it rocks me when imagining how the local geeks 😯 will behave when they saw the Ff logo on my gate 😈 I’m sure they’ll become green with Jealousy :mrgreen:
But there are some problems in making this possible. I’m not sure whether the local gate manufacturers are capable of redesigning the Ff logo with metal. And the biggest one is making dad’s mind to take the decision to use Ff logo, Maybe I’ll win these problems and succeed, or maybe dad will send me to a mental hospital to have a brain chk 🙄 Believe me there’s a huge possibility for the send one 😆
Oh! And I was wondering, Are there any Firefox fans who got the Firefox logo on your gate or on the front door? Or do I have to take the Patent for this gorgeous Idea? 🙄
Happy Hacking!

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